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Business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. The challenges are more complex, the stakes are higher, and the players are increasingly global. The only constant today is change, and Vanguard Business School prepares our students not just to navigate change, but to use it to create new opportunities. We helps our students in academics like academic planning, counseling, support. Our unique skill based management programs powerful blend of academic rigor and practitioner expertise gives students skills in global fluency that enable them to thrive across borders and cultures. These programs developed by our faculty, leveraging the case method learning model, focused on active learning and real-world problem solving.


Vanguard Business School caters to two distinct segments.

For Students: 2 year full time Post Graduate Program in Management.

For Corporates: Different skill based programs catering to the exact requirement of the corporate.


These management program encompasses an unparalleled combination of Action Learning Lab classes, in-depth case studies with live case discussions, stimulating collaborative projects, engrossing classes taught by exceptional faculty, and extraordinary chances to interact with industry leaders. The School’s comprehensive core curriculum builds the foundation necessary for success in any field, while electives offer insight into specialized areas of expertise.