Alumni meet:

Student Alumni Meet, which is the flagship of student alumni relations cell. Alumni meet is conducted annually.

Our alumni meets have been the best and fun events till date. However when the good old days called nostalgia surrounds us as we walk the hallowed boulevards of our youth. The Alumni Meet brings to our alumni a chance to reconnect with their Alma Mater. It lets them relive the carefree days of their college lives as they get a chance to visit all the locations they once lived, enjoyed and owned.

Career support:

“Always here for our students” is the motto followed by Vanguard.

We have always had our alumni coming back to college and discussing with us about their successful future and how happy they are and a few wanting suggestions about their career and life. We are always happy to guide them, ready to help at any point in their life.

Once the student joins Vanguard She/he is a part of Vanguard family. We are not here only to help you through your two years of education but your entire life.

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