Anything is possible if you have got the nerve.

By | January 29, 2019
Anything is possible if you have got the nerve.
We sowed the right seed sought harvest seeking triumph in every adversity and now proud of our CHOICE as elucidated by the TMOD TM Hansie. On the eve of Republic Day, the TMOD spoke about the need for choices in our life and how DR BR Ambedkar made choices while India was formed.
SAA TM Guru brought in energy as always laying the three ground rules.
President TM Hansie started the meeting with energy Speaking on the Choices
GE TM Lasyapriya and TAG Team proceeded with the meeting further.
Timer: TM Shekhar made use of the time and noted the time taken  by the speakers precisely
Ah Counter: TM Pavan noted the number of Ahs um’sss and gave a clinical report
Grammarian: TM Hatim introduced the word of the day “ Audacious” Encouraged All Speakers to use it.
This week we had a prepared Speaker TM Monica from Shell Toastmasters Club who delivered her speech on leadership styles “Set Sail in your Ship” from the Dynamic Leadership Path
She narrated a story of a captain who would perform all the duties and failed in delegating his task. The importance of delegation to grow as a leader was well narrated with examples.
If a brain is exercised properly, anyone can grow exercise this we had creative Table Topics by TM Hansie
Table Topic Speakers TM Hatim, TM Dhanush, TM Shekhar, TM Guru spoke well
and the best Table Topic Speaker was awarded to TM Hatim
The GE Area Director TM Lasya gave her report citing the importance of CHOICES
Also spoke about the importance of club officer roles. Brought Forth the need of Toastmasters and gave an insight into the Toastmasters Magazine.
As we sowed the seed, believed in Magic and set our choices right.
Join us next week to hear about “the chatterbox within” do I or do I not
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