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Vanguard Toastmasters Club #51

Vanguard Toastmasters Club finally progressing towards revival Thanks to all toastmasters for helping us in this journey TM Sachin Tonapi from IIM-B Toastmasters render his milestone speech ACB10 ‘Find the new you’re Speeches by Management Method of rendering feedback The GROW model A different perspective The best table topic winner was taken by our own… Read More »

”Step up and Step Out” is what the mind says

Meeting #50 The ceaseless internal monologues and constant chatter within..”Step up and Step Out” is what the mind says.. The meeting started on an energetic note with the SAA TM Hatim laying down the three ground rules. President and TMOD TM Hansie spoke about the constant chatter within and the milestone achieved 50th Meet GE… Read More »

Anything is possible if you have got the nerve.

Anything is possible if you have got the nerve. We sowed the right seed sought harvest seeking triumph in every adversity and now proud of our CHOICE as elucidated by the TMOD TM Hansie. On the eve of Republic Day, the TMOD spoke about the need for choices in our life and how DR BR… Read More »

Vanguard Toastmaster’s Club Meeting 47

“ Propinquity Propensity Pansophy :Toastmasters” Soon after the “OPEN HOUSE” Yet another energetic meeting.. “We succeeded in sowing the right seed” Oh Yes..Thanks to the ebullient toastmasters from our club. TM Nimmy brought in essence to the theme “ Sow the right seed” taking on the need for us to grow as the importance of… Read More »