”Step up and Step Out” is what the mind says

By | February 3, 2019
Meeting #50
The ceaseless internal monologues and constant chatter within..”Step up and Step Out” is what the mind says..
The meeting started on an energetic note with the
SAA TM Hatim laying down the three ground rules.
President and TMOD TM Hansie spoke about the constant chatter within and the milestone achieved 50th Meet
GE TM Lasya thanked the club for the journey so far.
The TAG Team
Timer: TM Anvitha was good at her role, being very prompt and using the resources available.
Ah Counter: TM Dhanush has taken up the role for the first time and delivered his report diligently mentioning the CRPF
Grammarian: TM Nimmy introduced the WOD “ Comity” which was apt to the theme
Creative galore is always the highlight of the Table Topics at the Club
TTM: TM Guru Came up with catchy and creative table topics
Do visit us on the 9th February as we have an intriguing session by the Tonapi ’s:: TM Sachin Tonapi and TM Vivek Tonapi of IIM Bangalore
Stay plugged! Stay engaged!
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