HR Conclave

Do the Skills required by an Industry really different from what a B-School teaches today?
-Vanguard tries to Bridge the Gap!

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother TeresaGoing by this quote, Vanguard Business School, Bangalore organized its first ever HR CONCLAVE held at Hotel Capitol. The theme of the Conclave was “Bridging Management Education with Industry Requirements”. The main objective of this event was to bring to light the colossal mismatch between what B-Schools teach and the dynamic requirements of an industry at present.

The Chief Guest of the day was Mr.Ravi Sreedharan, Head of Education Leadership & Management, Azim Premji Foundation.The speakers of the Conclave were HR Heads of various renowned organizationslike TCS, Salesforce, Citirx, HSBC, LAPP Group etc. The Ceremony started with the inaugural speech of Mr. ARKS Srinivas the Director of Vanguard Business School.

The Conclave consisted of two panels; the topic addressed in Panel 1 was what skills and competency are missing in MBA graduates – An Industry Perspective. This was discussed by eminent speakers Mr. Sunder Madakshira, Mr. Suresh R, Mrs. Rekha Hatkanagalekar, Mrs. Annapurna A, Mr. Rajiv Noronha,Mr. Girish Menon and Dr PallabBandyopadhyay.

The one thing that all Speakers mentioned was that the B-School students lack the right “Attitude” factor. The key skills required are communication & networking, to synthesize theory with practice, critical thinking ability and statistical techniques/research skills. The discussion ended up with enlightening realistic recommendations like Case Studies to be developed in India and worked on by B-Schools, B-Schools must grade students based on Team Work and not Individual work,Faculties in B-Schools must include people working in Corporates to get the real taste of what is happening, Executive Shadowing, Students to be educated based on the Industry they are going to work in etc.

The Second panel focused on what Industry can do to change/assist Management EducationCurriculum? Speakers:Mr.Rakesh Godhwani, Mrs. Anju Bhatia, Mr. Sampat Kumar. B Aratti, Mr. Jnanesh K. and Mrs.Annapurna A. There were some brilliant proposals made as all the speakers have decades of experience in the corporate and academic arena. Highlighting one was that during the selection process of students for a B School, the Industry must involve in it. Executive Shadowing will help the students get the industrial reality and engender practical learning experience. Selection process of an Internship must involve research projects to be given to the students .Students must be taught how to handle emotions, stress and how to bounce back when they face failure. There must be focus of Leadership Development. An Internship must be dealt with utmost importance and concern by a B School.

At the end of the event, it was realised that, it was not the end but the beginning of Change that each Institution and Industry must take for the betterment of the Future.

“Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice.”