Final Placement Report Batch-2011-13

A Perfect Score: Vanguard Achieves 100% Placement

Placement 100%
  • Vanguard Business School (VBS) is proud to report the completion of its very first Final Placement Process. The year 2013 has been a difficult year for placements with top B-schools including the IIMs reporting difficulties in terms of placements due to a slowdown in the economy. Under such difficult circumstances Vanguard B-school Bangalore is proud to report 100% placements.
  • This success of the placement for the PGPM, Class of 2013 represents the triumph of 2 years of continuous efforts from Vanguard’s Team Management, Placement Committee and Students. Apart from some IIMs, very few management institutions in the country have been able to successfully place all their students within this fiscal year – another testimony to Vanguard’s Corporate Connect and Rigorous Training in placing students. It gives us immense pride to share the Placement Report for the PGPM Class of 2013, Vanguard Business School.

Profile Wise Break Up

  • Deputy Manager
  • Analyst
  • Account Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Career Development Manager
  • Sr. Data Analyst
  • Floor Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Function Wise Breakup

  • Data/Business Analytics
  • Sales
  • Operations Information
  • Systems

Sector Wise Break Up

  • Financial Services
  • Salon
  • IT
  • Analytics
  • Food
  • Hospitality

Specialization Opted- Class of 2013

  • Marketing
  • Finance

Multiple Sectors and Job Profiles – Impact of the IIM Alumni Network of Vanguard

  • The core philosophy of Vanguard is to offer our students, the widest range of Industry Sector and Job profile choices. The strong IIM Alumni network of Vanguard ensured that some of the big names in a variety of sectors took part in the placement process. For the 35 students of Class of 2013, a total 26 companies representing as many as 16 sectors participated in the process. Such a huge range in terms of sectors is unheard for the size of this batch – another clear indicator of VBS’s Corporate connects and will to offer choices
  • A noteworthy highlight of the entire process was the inclusion of Everstone Capital, from the extremely coveted sector of Private Equity in our process, confirming that even as a new B school, our fundamentals and reach match those of the best(Top 20)  in the country.
  • The three next coveted sectors were Analytics, Consulting and IT Solutions. Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining and Real Estate came with Operations Role on offer. The sunrise sectors such as Personal-Care, E-Services and Hospitality also had some interesting positions on offer. Conventional Sectors like Financial Services, Retail and FMCG also took part in the process. Emerging Sector like Education as well as exciting sector like Adventure Sports were also a part of the gamut. This allowed students to apply for jobs based on their interest and ability.
  • A total of 40 offers were made which meant that a few companies had to go back empty handed, highlighting the ability of VBS, Bangalore to place greater number of students over the coming years.

Best Return on Investment

  • Vanguard B School’s focus has always been on delivering high quality industry focused education at the lowest possible cost, delivering best return for the hard earned money of the student. On this count too, we are proud to announce that with the top 20 percent placements drawing INR 5.7 Lacs PA, Batch Average Salary of INR 4.22 Lacs PA. and Median of INR 4.26 Lacs PA, we have given a ROI of over 100% in the very first year with respect to the entire course fee for 2 year PGPM of INR 4 lacs.
  • For an institution that prides itself in offering the best in management education at an affordable cost this
    has indeed been a spectacular beginning

Highlights of Final Placement for Class of 2013

Total No. of students 35
No. of offers made to students 40
No. of students placed 35
No. of companies participated 26
Total number of Pre Placement Offers 3
Total number of Pre Placement Interviews Offered 11
Highest Salary 5.90 Lacs PA
Average Salary of Top 20% Students 5.70 Lacs PA
Average Salary 4.22 Lacs PA
Median Salary 4.26 Lacs PA


  • Financial Analyst Role offered by Ever stone Capital, Business Analyst roles offered by Wipro Analytics and Dun and Bradstreet, Market Analyst Role offered by TVS Logistics. Account manager roles offered by Photon InfoTech and Data Analyst role offered by Latent View and V2 Solutions were some of the dream profiles that were offered to our students, profiles that are otherwise offered only in the top business schools of the country.
  • Corporate Sales in SAS, Executive Assistant in Rio Tinito and Store Manager at YLG were some other exciting profiles on offer. Apart from these, the traditional profiles such as Business Development and relationship manger were offered by many companies.
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