Video Contest Rules & Regulations


  1. Final year students of any degree course studying in any college in Kerala and Tamil Nadu can enter the competition, except for staff, directors, and officers of the organizers, and their respective spouses, parents, siblings, and children. 
  2. Submissions from both individuals and teams (Maximum 3 members in a team) are accepted.
  3. A team or Individual can submit only 1 entry based on any of the given themes.
  4. Contestants are required to send their full name, State & District of origin, Email Id, Mobile Number, Course studying, and the Name of the Institute, for registration in the competition. You will also need to send us additional information to transfer the prize money when asked for. 
  5. Contestants must be above 18 and below 23: If you are above 18 and below 23, you are eligible to participate in this Contest or appear in a video.

Organizers. The organizers of this contest are Vanguard Business School, Bangalore.

Deadline. The Video Contest closes on Wednesday 16 June 2021 (IST 23:59). Submissions received after this time will not be considered.

Prizes. The total prize money for the contest is 25,000/-. First prize ₹9000/-, Second prize ₹6000/, Third prize ₹ 3000/- and 7 consolation prizes of ₹ 1000/- each. In case a team gets the prize, the amount will be transferred equally among the team members.

Length and format. Your videos should be a maximum of 60 seconds long

Themes: The video should be only of the following themes: 

  • Any incident during the lockdown.
  • Nature at its best.
  • A suspense thriller in 60 seconds.

Videos should be in English.

Submit your entry: To submit your entry, upload the video on Instagram Facebook and use “#VBScontest2021”. Mention VanguardBschool and post, in your story.

VBS will select and announce the winners by 30 June 2021. The decision of the judges will be final.

Filming others:  Always get express permission from anyone who will appear in your video, in its original form as submitted and also in any (derivative) form the Organizers may later make, of the video consistent with these rules.

It is the responsibility of every contestant to not film or uses other companies’ logos, trademarks, designs, or other intellectual property or commercial property for the contest and that their content does not infringe on the privacy rights, copyright, or any other rights of any person.  You shall not use the video for commercial solicitation or other promotional material, advertisements, or personal solicitations, including referencing your or someone else’s company contact details.

No offensive or sensitive content shall be tolerated, that includes religious or anti/religious, racial, political, obscene, violent, or pornographic content. Violation may invite punitive and legal action/punishment as per the laws of the State or Government of India.

Originality: You may only submit films that you have worked on by yourself. Use of others’ work without permission will automatically disqualify a submission.

VBS will get full rights to the video(s) you submit. By submitting your entry to this Contest, you grant the Organizers (jointly and severally) a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive right and license to copy, distribute, and display each submitted entry, in any media including posting in an online gallery, the publication(s), and various marketing materials, and with the right to use, copy, modify, edit, and create derivative works therefrom, and agree to execute documents confirming such right and license at the Organizers’ reasonable request. By entering, you understand that your (or portion thereof) may be (re-) posted online, at the Organizers’ sole discretion, to be viewed by members of the general public.

Don’t do something illegal or film something illegal. Do not film any criminal or other illegal activity, or provoke others to do something illegal on your film.

Indemnity:  By participating in this Video Contest, you agree that the Organizers will have no liability whatsoever (jointly and severally) for, and will be held harmless by the Individual or team (jointly and severally) against any claims, suits, liability, and demands made by any third parties in respect of any infringement and/or as a result of his/her participation in this contest for any liability for any bodily injury, violation of personality or personal data, loss, cost or damages of any kind to persons, including death and property, damages sustained due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from your creation, use, or intended use of your entry, participation in this Contest, and the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prize. This Contest and these Official Rules shall be exclusively governed by the substantive laws of India, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.

Disputes. Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of, or in relation to, this contract, including the validity, invalidity, breach, or termination thereof, shall be resolved by the panel of Judges of the contest and their decision shall be final. No legal disputes shall be entertained.

Instagram and Facebook are not affiliated with the Contest in any way and are not responsible for the administration of the Contest or the awarding of the prize.

By entering the Contest, you hereby represent and warrant that you have read these Rules and fully understand and accept its contents.

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