Summer Internship Report 2016-18

The Summer Internship Process of PGP 2016-18 batch saw 34 companies participating and offering 45 profiles to our students. A batch with strength of 46 students got to explore various profiles across diverse sectors 

The highlights of Summer Internship Process of 2016 are as follows:

Feedback Consulting, Reliance Jio, Future Group, Landmark Group, Quikr, Zoomcar were some of our past recruiters who have once again visited Vanguard because of their quality experience with our students interning year after year. 

Consulting major Deloitte’s participation in this year SIP process has added a new feather in the cap. Apart from Deloitte, companies like Zoomcar, Quikr, Nestaway, JobsForHer were some of the other companies which participated for the first time in Vanguard Summer Placements.

Work culture and enormous learning are the main attributes which make the students prefer e-commerce companies over MNCs.

Digital Marketing, the next big thing, was offered by,Y-Cook and Zoomcar. As sales and marketing roles are preferred by most of our students, the placement team had given a special attention to this. 

Finance roles were offered by companies like Quikr and Zoomcar. 

Landmark Group, Reliance Jio and Zoomcar offered HR profile.

Zoomcar and InstaOffice offered core operations role.

Internships were offered at various locations like Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad

Recruiters For Summer Internship

3M, 24/7, Castling Consulting, Decathlon, Deloitte, eduCBA, Feedback Consulting, Future Group, INKTalks, InstaOffice, JHPL, Jobs for her, Lyca Digital, Max, Naukri, Quikr, Reliance Jio, Nestaway, Volvo, Y-Cook and Zoomcar.


Happy to share that, management trainees Sravanthi and Amaresh have successfully on boarded 100 plus retailers, both from device and connectivity channels.

Kudos to their effort and the dedication put in for bringing 100 plus retailers in less than 2 months time. This is a great support for the Jio Centre (JC) in channel expansion.

Apart from on boarding, we had assigned them to gather the genuine issues and feedback from the markets, so that we can correct it.

Thanks to Amar Sir, Sumit ji and Lavanya for introducing MT’s as a additional support to JC-17 in reaching out to many retailers and strengthening the channels for future rollouts….


“Abhirup reported to me while doing his summer internship for his MBA program.

As in any startup, the initial project definition had its share of ambiguity, As a fresher, He did not have any specific process background in the F&B industry. Given these shortcomings, Abhirup did a fantastic job in picking up the process nuances of the business rapidly.

His learn-ability quotient was high and he was able to grasp concepts with ease and use his skills to get off the ground quickly and get on to work while continuing to live in a world of ambiguity and changing targets.

Over the course of the 2 months, Abhirup was able to deliver a great project with detailed process definitions and also built an intranet site that will enable us to roll out training and process standardization far more easily than before.

Overall a great job and I would recommend prospective employers to look at this high energy candidate with great seriousness.”


I would like to take a minute to let you know the fantastic job done by Pavan, Intern from Vanguard Business School. Trust me It feels really great when you have a go-getter in your team just like the way I feel now.

I recently took charge of the college project and absolutely have no idea about the progress and way forward. Thats when I had met with Pavan and Wajid and had a detailed discussion. Both lined up the meetings with all the prospective clients but Pavan turned up really fast and after tasting the first success he never looked back.

@Pavan, I am extremely fortunate to have you as an intern and I hope you shall keep up the good work and earn more laurels from your peers.

Names Company Function/Domain
Abhinay Arun Singh Jio Sales and Marketing
Abhirup Santra JHPL (Jassbys) Operations
Amaresh Kumar Jio Sales and Marketing
Antone Aravind T Quikr Content Writing
Arsha Subash Romana Waters LLC Sales and Operations
Ayushi Mittal Zoomcar HR
Bairapaga John Y-Cook Digital Marketing
Barsha Pathak Y-Cook Marketing and Sales
Ch.Poornima Inlingua HR
Desmond Monty Pereira IFB Sales and Marketing
Gowtham Kumar Vayugundla Jio Sales and Marketing
Harikrishnakumar B Jio Sales and Marketing
Harish Kumar V Build Traders Sales
Ketha Sravanthi Jio HR
Kiran S S Future Group Marketing / Market Research
KSS Ram Varma Future Group Marketing / Market Research
Malcolm P Mohan Lifestyle HR
Mehul Patel Kalpana Timbers Business Development
N Navitha Raj Lifestyle HR
Nalamati Chaitanya Ravi Teja eduCBA Sales and Marketing
Nanda Kishore V Y-Cook Marketing and Sales
Nikith Reddy Reddibattula Lifestyle HR
Pavan Kumar G.C Nestaway Business Development
Pooja Thakur eduCBA Sales and Marketing
Priyanka Shahi eduCBA Sales and Marketing
Ramana Murty eduCBA Sales and Marketing
Rani Singh Max Fashion HR
Rima Modak eduCBA Sales and Marketing
Ruchi Rai Max Fashion HR
Sagar Marri Quikr Marketing
Sai Kalyan K Y-Cook Digital Marketing
Saptarshi Pathak Zoomcar Operations
Saptarshi Samanta Jio Sales and Marketing
Sayan Mukherjee Outotec Industrial Marketing
Shailesh Kumar Ram Future Group Marketing and Sales
Shelden Jacob Lovefund Sales and Marketing
Siddharth Choudhary Max Fashion Marketing
Sidharth Sajid Feedback Consulting Market Research
Somashekhar Patil Max Fashion Marketing
Sonu C Mathew Naukri Sales
Sowmiya S Quikr Finance
Surendra Reddy P Instaoffice Operations
Sutapa Banerjee Future Group Marketing and Sales
Sweta Pillai Feedback Consulting Market Research
Thejasvi Jujjavarapu Zoomcar Finance
Uday Bhargav O eduCBA Sales and Marketing
Vaishna Hemanth Quikr Ad Sales
Vishal Pillai Y-Cook Marketing and Sales
Zahran Khan Zoomcar Strategic Alliances and Affiliate Marketing
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