Summer Internship Report 2017-19

The summer internship process of PGP 2017-19 batch saw 23 companies participating and offering 28 profiles to our students. A batch with strength of 45 students got to explore various profiles across diverse sectors. The highlights of Summer Internship Process of 2017 are as follows.

Feedback consulting, CP Foods, Future Group, Kurl-On, Zoomcar were some of our past recruiters who have once again visited Vanguard because of their quality experience with our students interning year after year.

The participation of Philips Lighting I this year’s SIP process has added a new feather in the cap.

Apart from Philips, companies like Teabox, Elite Foods, Quickride and ACT Fibernet were some of the other companies which participated for the first time in Vanguard Summer Placements.

Being valued for the work done is always the remuneration anyone would want to have. The quality of managers that VBS has been creating has been increasing with each passing year. The reflection of this is the number of companies offering stipends this year. In all more than 50% of the batch received offers which included stipends with highest being 15000.

Research roles are difficult to crack and hard to come by but companies like Feedback Consulting and Frost & Sullivan offered our students this coveted role. Digital Marketing, the next big thing, was offered by Teabox, Gurukul Ventures and GetmyUni.

Due to the inclination of the batch towards sales and marketing profiles the placement committee had taken a special heed towards these domains. Sales profile accounted for 45% of the total profiles offered and marketing profile accounted for 23%.

Finance roles were offered by companies like Zoomcar and StarFing. StarFing offered the role of “Financial Analyst”.

Brindco Sales Limited, India’s leading Importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages offered a “Strategic Marketing” role.

A leading global Market Research agency “Markelytics”, offered a role of “Project Manager” that is only offered to the top tier colleges.

BHIVE, Bangalore’s largest co-working space offered the role of EA to our students who will have to report directly to the COO.

Internships were offered at various locations like Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kerala, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Vellore and Salem.

Names Company Function/Domain
A Prashanth Act SME
Abhijith MK Elite Foods Marketing
Abhishek jaiswal IndusInd Bank Finance
Abhishek Kotari GetmyUni Digital Marketing
Ajith Kumar R Act Community
Akshay Nair P R GetmyUni Digital Marketing
Amarish Kumar Singh StarFing Finance
Ambati Bharathi Quest Adventures Operations
Aravapalli Venkata Nagaraju Asti Infotech Sales
Ashwath Sivaswamy Teabox Digital Marketing
Bandla Sai Krishna CP Foods Marketing
C Venugopal Future Group Marketing
Debjani Bose Act SME
Debolina Das Quick Ride Sales
Diwakar Pandey Future Group Marketing
E Prashanth Gurukul Ventures Digital Marketing
G Arun kumar Asti Infotech Sales
G Bhuvanesh Kumar GetmyUni Inside Sales
Harish K Finance Zoomcar
Harsh Vardhan Agarwalla Kotak Mahindra Bank Finance
K Harshavardhan Quick Ride Sales
Kode Deepti Gurukul Ventures Digital Marketing
Laxmi Bari Sail Operations
Mastan Gouse Feedback Market Research
Nagendra Reddy FinGurus Sales
Nikith Reddy CP Foods Marketing
Nomula Anush Act SME
Prathiba Aishwarya Future Group Marketing
Preetham Reddy G Feedback Market Research
Rajat Biswakarma Act SME
Rohini Desai Quikr HR
Shyam Sundar Future Group Marketing
Sibaji Adhikary Feedback Market Research
Sourav Marketing Zoomcar
Sunil Kumar Future Group Marketing
T B Neelesh Nachappa Elite Foods Marketing
T Siva teja Quick Ride Sales
Tasneem kausar Jagran Marketing
Thanooja A Quikr HR
Toshi Halder Teabox Marketing
Turaga Raghavendra Akhil Markelytics Market Research
Vignesh Mani Philips Sales
Vishnu Sathyanadhan CP Foods Marketing
Vishnudas N Asti Infotech Sales
Yalavarthi Sai Shashank Quest Adventures Business Initiator
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