We have a team of dedicated IIM-educated professionals with industry and educational experience coupled with a hands-on board of advisers with diverse expertise.

We provide specialisations in Business Verticals like Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, etc, where India Inc is creating the maximum number of jobs.

Vanguard specially designed a revolutionary Vanguard Interactive Business Education System(VIBES) combines the best of academic inputs and integrated corporate exposure supported by cutting edge technology with ASK approach combining Attitude & personality, essential Skills and practical Knowledge to create a stunningly different learning experience.

We are offering a world class Management program at Bangalore (one of India’s business & education hub) at the very affordable price of Rs 5.75 lakhs for PGPM and 6.50 lakhs for PGPM+MBA program.

As a student who is interested in doing an MBA, you are flooded with information about a wide range of B-schools. Full-page ads screaming that they are better than the IIMs, making tall claims but We don’t have that kind of money for fake advertisement. We are not from a real estate background with acres of campus land.

IIM-Educated Professionals
Industry & Educational Experience
Attitude & Personality
Essential Skills
Practical Knowledge
Advisers With Diverse Expertise
Integrated Corporate Exposure
Excellent Salary Packages Offered
Specialization in Business Verticals
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