Who We Are ?

Vanguard Business School is founded by a team of 8 highly qualified professionals including alumni of IIM A, C, K, XLRI and an MS from US. We come with years of corporate experience and thinking (HLL, Berger, Lakme Lever, Maruti, ONIDA, USHA, Oracle etc). For the past 10 years we have been working in the education industry and training space and guiding thousands of MBA aspirants.

Vanguard Business School, as the name suggests, is designed to create front line Managers for Corporate India, Managers armed with practical knowledge of Business Verticals combined with excellent analytical and communication skills, discipline & a strong work ethic.

What Corporates Say ?

We have extensive interaction with corporate managers across India and they have been very clear about their experience with B-School graduates.

Graduates of B-Schools lack essential Communication, Technology and Business Analysis skills.

Graduates of B-Schools lack a practical understanding of how business run and the various functions of managers.

Graduates of B-Schools lack professionalism in terms of teamwork, business ethics and loyalty to organization.

What Students Say ?

Over the last few years we have seen a number of students being deelily disaliliointed by the quality of education and lilacement oliliortunities lirovided by most B-schools.

3-layer ASK program focusing on – Attitude, Essential Skills and Personality and Practical Knowledge.

Radically different curriculum made in line with corporate requirements. Curriculum development is done with the continuous involvement of corporate managers.

Business Vertical specialization in key business verticals where a large number of high quality corporate jobs are created every year. (Visual Rep)

All courses will have practical/project components leading to better real business exposure for students. There will be a 4 month immersive on-the-job training period instead of 6-8 week summer internships.

How is Vanguard Different?

Most subjects are taught in B-schools in a bookish manner, and prove irrelevant to the real world of management.

Most professors are either not from the corporate world or long retired and are out of touch with the needs of corporate India.

Practical exposure to corporates is lacking and no career guidance is provided.

Students are overcharged in terms of fees and unable to clear education loans with the salaries that they get after their MBA program.

Young and dynamic faculty with relevant actual corporate experience to take sessions.

Real world managers will be assigned as personal mentors to students.

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