Fear Of New Business School

1. In Bangalore there are many other good and old B-school s so why I will join yours?

Why should I do it in Bangalore when I get same here (Delhi/NCR/Kolkata/Chennai/Mumbai)?

I agree with the fact that there are numerous business schools in Bangalore. But, before making an opinion on the quality of program offered by them, I would recommend you to do proper research about these institutions

  1. By going through their websites,
  2. Visiting various public forums and getting to know what people opine about these institutions.
  3. There are certain factors which differentiates a good business school from its counterparts. All these factors have been inculcated in the two year curriculum at Vanguard.

Here we have a dedicated team of our Directors, Mentors & Faculties from some of the top business schools of the country (IIM/XLRI) with vast experience in some of the world’s best companies, ensuring Quality Education to each student. They have the passion and ability to guide the students not only for their MBA, but also for their career.

We believe in the concept of Learning by Doing. As such, we have an extended internship program of 4 to 6 months, which makes the course more practical oriented. Other than this, we have a mentorship program running throughout, to guide the students not only through their internship period but at every juncture. This makes us stand apart from all other business schools in their endeavor to create real frontline managers.

Placements through pan India network of individuals from top business schools including the IIMs, XLRI. Moreover, the two years at Vanguard will give the student an opportunity to build a strong network with top industry professionals and academicians who can guide them further ahead in their career. The combination of best educational environment, industry presence (job creation) and good living conditions makes Bangalore the preferred destination for an MBA program. Among the other advantages, Bangalore is blessed with excellent weather conditions, which makes it ideal for both the students & working professionals. All these factors make Bangalore undoubtedly the Numero Uno destination for pursuing a Management Program.

2. Why will I join Vanguard? We have not seen any advertisement and never heard about this college. How can I trust you when every year number of colleges open and close down?

If you do a proper research about the good business schools in our country, then you will come to know that none of them invest a lot of resources on advertising activities. Moreover, their focus is towards building other important resources like world class curriculum, Industry network and best of faculties. We at Vanguard also believe on similar lines and strive to give the best which really is a student’s requirement out of a management program. I agree with the fact that every year there are numerous business schools which come up and shut down within a short span. I request you to do a research about these business schools as to Who were the people promoting these institutions? , Why did they start the business school, and What was the reason for it to get shut. After that, find out about the team behind Vanguard Business School (VBS) and their profiles. You will see that we have a team of individuals who have been committed to the field of imparting quality education for years. As such, although we are new business school, but the team at VBS carry years of experience in the field of education.

3. What is the benefit or return on my investment?

We realize the fact that the expected return on investment is an important criterion for a student to decide on the business school he will join. For starters the average package on campus for placements this year is expected to be Rs. 5,50,000. As such, the student recovers the investment made in the course of first year of job placement itself. Other than this, the student takes out a lot more from the two year program we provide. Apart from the regular rigorous curriculum, extracurricular activities, group activities, case studies, outbound programs, theater workshops, foundation week, which forms the core of 2 years, emphasis is laid on developing the overall personality of the student. This is ensured through a structured grooming process which includes a thorough mapping of the student’s competency, identifying the gaps and focusing on filling in the gaps through grooming sessions, mentoring programs to ensure a smooth transition from a student to a corporate manager. As such, the management degree received by you from Vanguard will stand in your favor for years to come ahead.

4. What is the intake of students?

We had an intake of 41 students for the first batch and subsequent batches of 60 students. For this academic year, also we expect an intake of 60. The intention behind keeping a lower intake is to provide each student with proper guidance and attention.

5. Do you have your own campus?

No, we do not have our own campus. We have leased a building keeping in mind the exact requirements of students. The B school is a 15000 Sq.ft building with all amenities in Bangalore. We have taken a conscious decision to not to buy or own a building, as we are keen in providing quality education at an affordable price.

Approval & Certification

1. Is the PGPM course of VBS approved?

PGPM is an autonomous course offered by Vanguard Business School (VBS).

2. Do you have an AICTE approval or are you registered with HRD (Department of higher education) or are you a University or are you accredited by NAAC etc?

No, we do not have any such approvals. We offer an autonomous PGPM program recognized by industry. How  we offer AICTE/UGC approved MBA from Bangalore University (Distance Mode)

3. Difference between PGDM / PGPM and MBA?

PGDM is offered by an AICTE Approved B school and PGPM is an autonomous certificate. MBA can be offered only by a University. To apply to Government jobs or to apply to Higher studies like M.Phil or Phd one requires a PGDM or MBA degree.

4. Do you have your own campus?

No, we do not have our own campus. We have leased a building keeping in mind the exact requirements of students. The B school is a 15000 Sq.ft building with all amenities in Bangalore. We have taken a conscious decision to not to buy or own a building, as we are keen in providing quality education at an affordable price.


1. What is the faculty base of the institute?

The list and their profiles? Not just the Director’s, the faculties of Vanguard Business School are also from Top B schools like XLRI, IIM’s and MICA. The core faculty is a rich mix of academicians and professors who have a sound corporate experience. Time to time, the directors also interact with the students in the form of taking a course or some workshops. PFA the faculty list or visit our website www.vanguardbschool.com

2. Do you have visiting faculties or full time faculties?

Both. Right mix of full time faculty and industry professionals.

3. Directors will also teach or you are only showing on paper?

Definitely, Directors are also part of the faculty team at Vanguard Business School. Our Directors are all practitioners in the field of education who have proved their worth in the industry. Also, they have experience of training thousands of students & surely they will train VBS students as well. We are not a paper team. We are going to be a part of every step of your journey!

Curriculum & Mentorship Programme

1. What is Mentorship Program? When the mentors will be appointed? Why & How much time will they give us as they are Managers or entrepreneurs?

We have created a unique Mentorship Program where practicing managers from various corporates will act as a one-on-one mentor to each student. The mentors will provide the guidance to these students not only on Assignment, Case study, Project & Internship, but will also help them shape their career in the right direction. All the mentors are from some of the topmost organizations in the industry with years of experience behind them. The mentor’s will be appointed at the end of 2nd Trimester. Every mentor will interact with the assigned student for around 5 hours a week through email or through call. Other than this, if a student has any query, he can get in touch with the mentor at any time. It is all through our Director’s network.

2. What type of curriculum you have? The method used to set the curriculum, is it as same and standard curriculum when compared to any other university?

We have designed a curriculum keeping in mind the requirements posed by the corporate industry. The curriculum has come up as a result of extensive research done by our team and taking continuous inputs from industry practitioners. We have tried to do away with common b-School courses which are not relevant for entry and mid level management jobs and hence will not be a part of the curriculum.

3. What are the types of specialization offered? Do you have International Business, tourism, Hotel Management etc.?

All B-schools give you a functional specialization in Marketing, Finance etc. However, most management jobs require multi-disciplinary skills as well as practical understanding of the way business is done. At Vanguard, all students would also specialize in 2 key business sectors of his choice like Banking and Financial services, Consumer Marketing etc. These sectors are the ones where the maximum managerial jobs are being created we are offering only 5 specializations, you can select 2 Sectors from the following which you like to specialize in Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, Analytics, Automobiles, Insurance, FMCG, Education, Media, Tourism, Banking, Financial Services, Telecom, E-commerce, Agri Business and Social & Digital Media

4. Are you offering bachelor courses also? Are you offering foreign trip also? How many industrial visits we will get in two years?

No, we do not offer any Bachelor’s course and we do not offer any foreign trips. We assure maximum opportunity to interact with the Indian & Foreign corporate based on the network of our team. Definitely we will have Industrial visits also. However, there is no cap as to how many of them will take place.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Does VBS take score of any other test and if yes, what is the cut – off? What are the eligibility criteria? What is the selection procedure?

The admission process consists of two stages. In the first stage, the student has to submit a written exam score from among CAT/XAT/SNAP/CMAT/MAT .If the student has not taken any of these tests, then he has to sit for the Vanguard Entrance Test (VET) prior to admission. The admission will be based on student’s drive, ambition and willingness to work hard. The schedule of the test will be intimated to the student through a mail. The short listed candidates would be called for Personal Evaluation by a team of Academic and Industry experts. The Personal Evaluation would consist of · Short Written Essay – 15 minutes · Extempore – 2 minutes · Personal Interview – 30 minutes

2. Do you have your own entrance exam?

Yes, we have our own entrance exam which is the Vanguard Entrance Test (VET).

3. As you are a new B-School and charging INR 800 for your application form, it’s costly?

We are conscious of charging a minimum application fee. We do not believe in equating the fees charged by a business school to its growth and number of years it has been operating.

4. Why GD is not conducted?

We are here to select you and not eliminate you in any rounds of selection. We believe a candidate can give his best in essay writing than in a GD.

5. Do you give admissions without appearing for any entrance test i.e.: Management quota?

No, Vanguard has no management quota.

6. I do not have 50% in graduation? My communication and English knowledge is average, do you give much weight age to that aspect while selection process?

The eligibility to apply to Vanguard is Minimum 45 % in graduation. Further, about communication skills, one can definitely try hard and develop those skills to become an industry ready achiever pre and post MBA admission. We give due importance to all the aspects much in line with the very best in the MBA education in India.

7. What if I have Back logs?

Please clear your Back logs before the course begins i.e. 30Th June 2017 or else the admission will be revoked. The institute has no REFUND policy and in extreme cases will take it up on case by case basis if it deems fit.

8. Is any preference given to students with Work Experience or Engineers?

No. We give preference to any student who is keen to perform and learn during the two years of their MBA and making a career for them self. Work Experience is a criteria that may be given its due in the interview round but any one without the same has no disadvantage at all in the selection process.

9. What is the cost of application form? The DD is to be made in the favor of whom?

The application fee is INR 800 /- The DD / Cheque should be made in favor of “Vanguard Business School Pvt Ltd” payable at Bangalore.

Fee Structure

1. What is the Fee detail and the installments plan? Does VBS offer any Loans / Financial Assistance through Banks? And what for the children of farmer and Govt / Retired officer?

We offer PGPM and our course fee is Rs.5,50,000/- for 2 years. Please visit our website for installment details –www.vanguardbschool.com/fees/ Most banks today offer Financial Assistance for up to Rs. 4 lakhs on student loans without collateral. Vanguard can guide the students on various loan facilities providing by banks and help with the required documentation*.

*Depends upon the CIBIL score of the loan applicant for the loan to be approved.

2. Does VBS provide Financial Assistance to deserving students? Does VBS offer any scholarships to students and the criteria for the same?

Vanguard announces Scholarships for bright minds. Vanguard Leaders for tomorrow – A Scholarship designed to reward the crème de la crème of students applying to the full-time PGPM course. The scholarship selects the best minds through Vanguard’s rigorous selection process (entrance test the CAT/XAT/CMAT/CET), personal interview, academic records etc), and the top students are awarded tuition waiver ranging from 10 percent to full tuition waiver. Scholarships are not transferable. Please check with our admission team for more details regarding the scholarships.

3. Are you also providing study material, is the cost of material included in fee ?

Yes, we provide the required study material which is included in the fee.

Accommodation And Other Facility

1. What about hostel accommodation? If yes charges for the same, is it included in the fee?

Vanguard Business School will be assisting incoming students in finding Hostel Accommodation for all candidates in the vicinity of the campus joining the PGPM course. Hostel charges are at approx Rs. 5000/- monthly basis*. This charge includes Lodging and Boarding (Three Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) only. Any other expenses are to be borne by the students themselves. 24 x 7 Wifi connectivity. Hostel charges are not included in the fee. *To be finalised by June 2017

2. Do you have separate hostels for boys and girls? And what about transport facility?

Yes, we have separate hostels for Girls & Boys. The hostel is walk able distance from the campus and hence there is no transport cost for the same.

3. What are the facilities provided in the hostel?

The Facilities / Amenities available at the hostel include the following: a. Cot b. Mattress c. Desk d. Chair e. Cupboard f. 24 x 7 Wifi connectivity.

4.Is the hostel in the campus, if not how far is it from the campus?

The hostel is walk able distance from the campus and hence there is no transport cost for the same.

5. Do you have canteen in your campus?


6. How big is the campus, what are the facilities you provide like projector, library, lab, Wi-Fi etc.?

* The B school is a 15000 sq. ft building with all amenities in Bangalore. * Classrooms & Audio-Visual facilities and 24 x 7 Wi-Fi Connectivity * IT Center * Library * Sports and Cultural center

7. What is the Dress Code ?

Formals from Monday to Friday and Smart Casuals on Saturdays and Sundays. Boys: Daily wear will include a formal trouser, shirt and tie. Blazer is compulsory for the foundation fortnight and all special events. Girls: Can choose from a western formal (long skirt/ trouser with a collared shirt and scarf or jacket) OR Indian formal (Formal salwar kameez complete with dupatta OR saree which is draped in a manner suited for an office environment).

8. Timings of the college?

8 AM – 7 PM is the regular timings. Some special event or during a Guest lecture the timings are flexible.

9. When will the course commence?

The academic course begins on 1st Working Monday of July of every year.

10. Is there any chance of doing MBA in part time in “VANGUARD”?

No. PGPM is a full time program.

11. Is the Down payment of Rs. 75000/- refundable?

No, the institute has no such policy and in extreme cases will take it up on case basis if it deems fit.


1. What kind of Summer Internships do students get?

Vanguard Business School completed three summer internship process. The truly encouraging part of the process for a first time business school involves the nature of summer projects and profiles offered to our students as well as some of the big names that visited our campus for the Summers process.

2. Which companies & type of Industry will come to VBS for recruitment?

Expected Once could be a fluke, twice could be a coincidence, but five times – that suggests a pattern. A pattern that Vanguard Business School, Bangalore feels a great sense of pride about. We feel great satisfaction in disclosing the final placement report for the year 2016. The Fourth Placements season at VBS has been phenomenal as VBS continues to be among the first business schools in Bangalore to complete 100% placements. You can check detailed list of companies, Sectors and job profiles by clicking here https://vanguardbschool.com/placements

3. When do placements start and how long do they last. Does VBS guarantee placements? International Placement?

Final placement cycle typically starts in the Month of October during the second year of the program and continues until 100% of the batch is placed. The course completes in Mid- April and Vanguard has achieved 100% placements before course completion in both our concluded placement cycles. This year we are likely to compete placements by Mid- March.

Vanguard guarantees 100% placements and has delivered it without fail so far. But this largely also depends on how prepared our students are for the roles companies offer during placement cycles.

International Companies have expressed interest in hiring students from VBS and have participated in our placement process but so far no student has bagged placements offers abroad directly from campus. However, two students from Vanguard have transitioned to international roles after completing successful stints with companies that they joined during Campus placements. We are hopeful of securing international placements within this placement cycle or the next at the very latest.

4. Would it be a right decision to leave job and go for an MBA at VBS as it has no placement record or assurance?

As a matter of fact, Vanguard does indeed have a very strong record of placement assurance. Our placement reports are more transparent, detailed and impressive in terms of Companies, Roles offered and Sectors represented than any other competitive B-School. Certainly, going through our placement reports will give you a clearer understanding of whether doing an MBA from VBS at this juncture of your career will boost your future prospects in terms of better position, greater responsibilities and higher monetary compensation.

The two year program will actually be an investment for your career, in terms of getting exposed to far more opportunities and building a strong network. Keep in mind that Salaries secured on campus or otherwise during under graduation are likely to see a 10-15% y-o-y increases even in case of a very strong performance appraisal. Since this an extremely personal decision we would recommend you visit our campus and meet our director as well as interact with students ( some of whom may have had similar profiles before taking the call to join Vanguard) for any further queries in this regard .

5. What if my child will not be placed in a good company ?

We are here to put in our maximum efforts for our students’ career and not just for their first job. We will be here to assist the student till he/she gets placed in a good company and this is only possible if students joining VBS show their best performance in all the Interviews & utilize the opportunities given to them. Doing so will reduce the chances of what you are suggesting happening.